The Deutsche Pfadfinderverband (DPV – German Scouts Federation) is an inter-confessional and politically independent national federation for likewise scouts associations. It represents the interests of about 29.000 youths aged from 7 to 17 in all of Germany and is acknowledged as charitable.

Besides representing youths in a number of public panels its mayor function is the organisation and realisation of educational seminars, camps and hikes on a large scale. The community within the federation is marked by a sense of responsibility, commitment, openness and tolerance. To strengthen the self-respect of the young, to accompany them in finding themselves and to promote experiencing the scouts’ community, is the aim of the educational work of the DPV. Education within the scouts’ movement aims at enabling the young to take an active, responsible and critical part in the development of our society. We do this acknowledging the dignity of our fellow beings (Art. 1 of the German Constitution).

The principles of our education are carried out by scouts educating methods forming a system of „progressive self-instruction“. Substantial means to do this are: – education by the community (in form of the small scout groups) thus learning to be part of society as such – scout laws, regulations and the scout oath – forming the idealistic basis – learning by doing – giving the youth an understanding of a way of life close to nature. This form of education is carried out in small groups, in which the assumption of responsibility and the passing on of values are used as substantial educational means. The work within the groups is oriented at the individual stages of development and the interests of the juvenile members.

Self- and community instruction are based on scout laws and regulations. The associations and communities within the DPV recognise the scout oath and laws in terms of the international scouts movement as basis of their work. These scout laws and regulations manifest the moral concept of our educating idea. They offer guideline assistance, which can be valuable to the individual beyond group life. The means and aim of our education is activity and the programme of group work is being developed by the associations and groups themselves. Especially for the younger members the principle of playful learning is a substantial characteristic of their group work. Outside activities as hiking and camping have a firm place within our group work and create a thorough understanding for handling our environment with care.

The associations and communities within the DPV wear simple and convenient scout shirts, which vary in colour due to historical developments. The shirt is also an expression of the affiliation to our community.